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Listen to your body

Vary your workouts
Vary your workouts
Johnny Moran

We all want results from our training sessions. But how much is too little, and how much is not enough?

It seems like in today’s world, everyone leans towards the conservative side. Don’t push yourself too hard, you might get hurt. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? You do more than most people, so take it easy today.

Then there are the hardcore warriors that seem to take their workouts a little too serious.
They’re the ones running 10 miles in the rain at 5 am every morning before the sun even wakes. They’re the ones who spend three hours in the gym, everyday, even on Christmas. They’re the ones that are always breaking bones and tearing ligaments and always over training.

So where do we find the balance? How much is enough? How can we tell if we’ve gone too far?

The best and most reliable voice of reason should come from your own body. If you’re sore the next day, chances are you had a pretty good workout. If you’re not sore, maybe today is the day to push yourself a little more. The key is to find the balance.

Another great idea is to change up your workouts. Try doing different workouts and even different sports. If you’re a runner, swim for the next week. If you lift weights, try doing a week of nothing but yoga. If you’re a martial artist, take a week of dance classes.

Have fun, vary your workouts, get results and listen to your body.


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