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Listen to Tamar Haviv's "Adore" and "The Good Has Won" off of her debut album

Tamar Haviv released her debut album, "You and Me Without Pajamas" on July 29th
Tamar Haviv released her debut album, "You and Me Without Pajamas" on July 29th
Tamar Haviv

On July 29th, quirky singer-songwriter Tamar Haviv released her debut album, You and Me Without Pajamas. The album is now available for purchase, however, Haviv is streaming two songs -- "Adore" and "The Good Has Won" -- on her Soundcloud account, now.

When constructing the album, Haviv revealed that she allowed herself the time to write simple and sometimes quirky songs. She expressed, "I let myself express my purist desires. For example simply saying ‘I like you,’ unpacking that thought from all the potential luscious poetry around it, it’s keeping it in its rawist form. It was hard for me to let myself do this, I was pretty judgemental about some of these songs because the writing can seem quite dumbed down – but there’s also something so unabashedly freeing and exciting about keeping things so simple and direct, quite new for me as a super over-analytical & wordy gemini."

You and Me Without Pajamas features the likes of Jerry Marotta (Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls), Sara Lee (The B-52′s, Ani DiFranco) and Kevin Salem (Rachael Yamagata, Mandy Moore).

The track-listing for You and Me Without Pajamas, the debut release which Sir Paul McCartney labeled a "terrific debut" is as follows:

  1. Special Beast…Departure
  2. I Like You
  3. Adore
  4. Orange
  5. The Good Has Won
  6. Something About You
  7. Arrested
  8. Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  9. Girls Away From Girls
  10. Figment
  11. Ridiculously Beautiful
  12. 6am
  13. Pining
  14. Song At The End…Arrival
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