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Shakira unleashes new single 'Empire' from her self-titled album

Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira premiered her new single "Empire" via YouTube on Monday. She slows things down and gets a lot more emotional on the rock ballad.


"Empire" is the latest single from Shakira's new album. It follows the reggae-tinged pop track "Can't Remember to Forget You" with Rihanna. While the aforementioned song was an upbeat affair, Shakira puts her vocal prowess at the forefront of "Empire" to deliver something more powerful.

Strings and some piano usher in "Empire" as Shakira sings of a sublime and celestial romance. Her emotions build with each lyric before she delivers a mighty performance over heavier production. "Like the empires of world unite / We are alive," Shakira belts with power. "Empire" is a formidable ballad injected with Shakira's rock music heart and soul.

Shakira's self-titled album will be released on March 25. She recently returned to her spinning red chair on NBC's "The Voice" this season.