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'Listen Linda,' says 3-year-old to mom Linda in viral plea for cupcake: Rude?

“Listen Linda Listen!” pleads 3-year-old YouTube sensation Matthew Beltran, or "Mateo" as he is called. The “Cupcake Boy” is a future star lawyer, shares People on March 18, and who would have the spunk to argue with that after seeing the “genesis of the greatest courtroom performance since Gregory Peck played Atticus Finch.”
“Listen, listen, listen, Linda!” Three-year-old Mateo and his cupcake plea rocketed him to a mountain of cupcakes, and a $10K check on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

You may think he’s adorable; some think he’s annoying – either way, with over 4 million YouTube views, little Mateo has made quite the impression. Counted among the viewers was talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted the toddler from San Jose, California, along with his mother Linda Beltran, and gave him a mountain of a surprise – hundreds of superhero cupcakes, and a check for $10K to boot.

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Cupcake boy: Viral video plea from 'Cupcake' boy gets him his just desserts

“I just thought that was the most adorable thing ever,” Ellen said as the two sat down this week. “But it wasn’t adorable. Don’t argue with your mother,” DeGeneres jokingly scolded.

“He’s definitely always had something to say,” Linda told Ellen. “If he’s not arguing about shoes, he’s arguing about cupcakes.”

Mateo’s little rant has caused some to see him as a future politician; others see a disrespectful boy.

The family though has eaten up the attention, and has since launched a website, Mateo Wants a Cupcake, where you can buy a T-shirt emblazoned with Mateo's newfangled catchphrase, with the proceeds going to his college fund.

Strong opinions have been voiced and written by commenters about the video – saying that the family is taking it too far and trying to spin a profit, or pointing out that Mateo calling his mother by her first name is rude or insolent. Others have gone so far to pass judgment on the boy’s family life and parents, based on the short video clip into a humorous family moment.

Says Linda in reply to that:

In an effort to raise independent young adults, we let our children have a voice. I’m a new parent and I’m learning as much from my kids as they are learning from me. The “arguing” started way before Mateo could talk — he would let us know he didn’t like certain shoes or clothes with his baby blabber. I love seeing a little more of their personalities as they grow.

Mateo has his own spunk and is becoming his own little person. I love that about him. The boys know when mom is serious and when they can engage in some healthy debate. In an effort to raise my kids with a voice, I pick my battles and sometimes let them feel like they’ve won…or at least give them the chance to try.

Ruben Navarrette, an opinion writer from CNN, had this to say after seeing the YouTube video and reading some very harsh comments:

The next thing you know, the toddler is being criticized by complete strangers. Even worse, his mother and his father are being labeled bad parents.

What kind of world do we live in? Answer: A bizarre one where -- in the era of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter -- everyone thinks your business is their business.

What are your thoughts on Mateo's lawyer-like arguing? Leave your comments below.

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