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LISTEN>>> Kenya Moore Calls 911 on Porsha Stewart for Fist Fight! #Audio

Porsha Williams puts the Smack Down on Kenya Moore!
Porsha Williams puts the Smack Down on Kenya Moore!

I was trying desperately to ignore this goings on between the alleged fight of Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart Williams or whatever her new name is, while on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion set. However, when I heard this tape I was full of side-eyes and OMG's!...and apparently the fight was NOT alleged! It was real and Kenya Moore was on the ground getting all of that good hair pulled by lil miss Underground Railroad, Porsha Stewart. Im sure that you all know the story, apparently Kenya Moore was going IN on Prosha, calling her a beard for her ex husband Kordell Stewart. Well Porsha was tired of the name calling and twirled all over Kenya. Its never a good look to fight, but let's just be honest, its an even worse look to get your tail whooped! Oh Kenya, what are you going to do about that black eye? I bet miss Phaedra was sitting back just looking like...

"see what you did girl?"

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Listen to the 911 Call!

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My Classy Opinion

Kenya Moore, is my girl, but she has been due for a beat down for a minute now. There are lines that you simply should not cross when it comes to family and spouses and she has been a Rick James habitual line stepper. When people continually talk about you, throwing continual shade, they just want a taste of what you have. Porsha would have done better ignoring it. Word to the wise, keep your hands to yourself.

Who was right Kenya or Porsha? Cast your VOTE NOW!

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