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Listen: Girls' Generation's English track 'Cheap Creeper' finally surfaces

K-Pop group Girls' Generation's English track "Cheap Creeper" was finally released on Monday. The sassy electro-pop song is a part of the movie soundtrack to "Make Your Move 3D."

Girls' Generation
Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation fans have known of "Cheap Creeper" since a sample of the song appeared online in 2012. Before the much-delayed "Make Your Move 3D" arrives in theaters this month, the film's soundtrack was released today with "Cheap Creeper." The nine ladies of Girls' Generation put their best insults forward on the sharp kiss-off track.

"Cheap Creeper" is a dark electro-pop track with Girls' Generation cutting a player down to size. Like Britney Spears' "Womanizer" and TLC's "No Scrubs," the ladies dish out scathing lines with no mercy. "You're fronting like a Trump kind of money when you're really a 26-year-old chump living with your mommy," they sing in a condescending tone. Girls' Generation shows there is great strength in numbers and attitude on the stinging "Cheap Creeper."

Girls' Generation recently made noise on America's Billboard charts when their EP "Mr.Mr." debuted at no. 110 on the albums tally. "Make Your Move 3D," starring K-Pop star BoA Kwon and Derek Hough of "Dancing with the Stars" fame, will hit U.S. theaters on April 18.

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