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Listen: Betty Who premieres new single 'Heartbreak Dream'

Betty Who
Betty Who
Betty Who

Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who premiered her new single "Heartbreak Dream" on Friday (Feb. 14). On the lush dance track, she details a relationship worthy of Facebook's "It's Complicated" label.

Betty Who made a splash in late 2012 with the bubbly pop track "Somebody Loves You" from her debut EP "The Movement." The single received national attention this past September when it was featured in Spencer Stout's proposal video to his boyfriend Dustin Reeser. She signed with RCA Records soon after to release future material.

"Heartbreak Dream" is the lead single from Betty Who's upcoming EP "Slow Dancing." Plucky synths and lush production back Betty as she sings, "I can taste it / All the days that we've been wasting / I know that you can't face them and all that we were." It sounds like a crappy situation to be in but Betty seems to make the best of it on this dreamy dance tune.

Betty Who's "Heartbreak Dream" single will be released on Feb. 18. Her "Slow Dancing" EP is set to drop on April 8.

Listen to "Heartbreak Dream" on

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