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Listen: 5 songs sung by classic actress Marlene Dietrich

A wax figure of the great Marlene Dietrich
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Chances are if you've seen a Marlene Dietrich movie, then you've heard her sing a tune or two. If you've never watched a Dietrich movie, well you better get to that! So first fans and new fans, spend the afternoon hearing the actress sing!

Just click on the title of the song and you'll be taken to Youtube to listen to the song!

1. "Falling in Love Again"

"Falling in Love Again," was the English version of her German song, which she sings in the classic, "The Blue Angel." The original 1930 German song was composed by Friedrich Hollaender, and the English lyrics had been written by Sammy Lerner.

2. "Come Rain Or Come Shine"

In 1952 Marlene sang a cover of "Come Rain or Come Shine." The song was originally created for the musical "St. Louis Woman" and was released in 1946. Many have since then recorded the song, some names like Barbra Streisand and Bette Milder.

3. "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

'Where Have All the Flowers Gone" was a folk song that was popular by Pete Seeger, In the 60s, Marlene had covered the song in three languages, English, French and German.

4. "Just a Gigolo"

She sang a cover version of the song, and that was used for the title song for the 1978 film, "Just a Gigolo." It's interesting to note that that movie was her last one that she starred in, David Bowie also starred in the movie.

5. "La vie en Rose"

While many remember Edith Piaf singing this son (she also wrote the lyrics), in 1954 Marlene did her own cover version of the song. It's actually interesting to see how many singers have done this, check it out!

So with those five songs, take the afternoon off and travel back in time with the voice of actress Marlene Dietrich.

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