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List of things to do if you don't watch the Super Bowl

Alternative thing to do on Super Bowl Sunday
Alternative thing to do on Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is watched by millions throughout the United States. Even people who aren't fans of either team will watch the Super Bowl. People who don't like football will watch it just so they can be part of the conversations the next day.

If you are part of the minority and don't want to watch the Super Bowl game, you don't have to. The Huffington Post on Jan. 31, offered suggestions for some worthwhile things you can do instead.

See a movie
Movie theaters are pretty empty during the game, but they are still open. Plan to curl up in a seat, eat popcorn and watch a movie you have been meaning to see. You might be in the theater alone, but wouldn't it be nice to watch it on your own 40-foot wide screen.

Akin to that suggestion is to rent a movie and watch it at home on your own television while the rest of the family is out at a football gathering or in the family room watching the big game.

Sleep in
This is a great opportunity to catch up on some sleep. Chances are, you will not be disturbed by the rest of your household.

Read old magazines that have been piling up or read that latest book you haven't had time to read before.

Go out to eat
Find another person who is not a football fan and go out to eat. If you can't find someone, go alone. Most restaurants except sports bars are almost empty during that time anyway.

Clean out the garage or attic
You probably won't feel like working when almost everyone else is celebrating, but if you feel up to it, clean out the garage or attic. While everyone else in the house is watching the game, you will have the perfect opportunity to throw out some of their things. They will be so involved in the game that if you ask them if they want it, they won't even take the time to think about it before saying, "No."

Visit an elderly relative or a sick friend
They're probably not watching the game either and if you time your drive properly, you will be the only one on the road while traveling to and from your destination.

Order items online
Check out the sales online and order something for yourself. Tell yourself you deserve it because it is your way of celebrating Super Bowl Sunday.

Clean out your e-mail inbox
More than likely you will not be receiving any e-mails during the time the Super Bowl is on. Take the time to clean out your inbox. By the time the game is over, you will have a clean inbox no matter which team wins.

Work in someone's else place
If you have a co-worker who is scheduled to work on Super Bowl Sunday and you are not, pick up his or her shift so that person can watch the game. He or she will thank you and you will feel good for having done so.

Whether you plan to watch the Super Bowl or not, enjoy your day!

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