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LISS funding applications: changes to the process to be posted by 6/30/14

Maryland’s Department of Developmental Disabilities will announce the new roster of LISS application administrators and any final changes to the application process for LISS funding before the July 1st start of the 2015 fiscal year.

The most significant change has already been announced: a reduction in the maximum funding request to $2,000 from $3,000 per applicant.

DDA has also expressed support for another significant change which was recommended by the Developmental Disabilities Council’s workgroup for this issue. Both the workgroup and the DDA support a lottery system which would replace the first-come, first-served application process which has been used to date. Both the workgroup and the DDA want to make the application process more equitable for first-time applicants. As a result, the DDA has expressed support for the workgroup’s recommendation for a one-month time period during which LISS funding applications would be submitted, followed by a regional lottery.

DDA rejected the workgroup’s recommendation to designate a specific portion of funding to first-time applications because of its belief in the equity of the proposed lottery system. In addition, DDA rejected the proposal to allocate a portion of funding to “emergency” requests on the basis that this would be difficult to administer in a timely manner. Additionally, DDA has stated its position that current recipients of state-funded support (including the Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waiver) should be ineligible for LISS funding.

By June 30th, DDA will identify the approved administrators through which FY15 LISS applications must be filed. These organizations will be listed (along with any other program updates) at the following link:

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