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Lisa Vanderpump verdict: Spitting tacks after sexual harassment $100k verdict

Lisa Vanderpump of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" furious when jury awards ex-employee of her restaurant $100k in sexual harassment suit.
Photo by Maury Phillips

Lisa Vanderpump, a reality star from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," is shocked and mortified that a jury awarded a former employee of her restaurant $100,000 in a sexual harassment suit. Her lawyer was fuming when he found out about the astronomical amount of the award given to Karina Bustillos for punitive damages, according to TMZ on June 17.

Vanderpump's lawyer, promises to appeal the verdict and said that it was a manager of the restaurant who was found guilty of this sexual harassment, the restaurant should not be implicated at all. Apparently the law sees differently as it is reported when Bustillos reported the unwanted sexual advances being thrust upon her at work by a male manager, nothing was done, reports MStars.

It appears that Vanderpump, who is said to be worth a whopping $65 million, just can't see paying $100K to this former employee for punitive damages. Bustillos was awarded $6,000 by a jury last week, which will be coming from Michael Govia after the jury heard testimony on his behaviors towards Bustillos.

Govia made unwanted sexual advances towards her, called her foul names and even grabbed her wrists while trying to kiss her. Bustillos insists that the restaurant failed to take any action against this guy when she reported it. Today she has $100k payday for the stress this manager put her under in the workplace!

The jury order Vanderpump's restaurant, The Villa Blanca, to pay the $100k to to Bustillos. The former employee apparently was not heard by management when she went in and seriously stated her case that she was being harassed at work, which was making it very uncomfortable for the young woman.

As of today, Vanderpump's lawyer is going for an appeal, but will Vanderpump cut her losses and stave off any more unwanted negative publicity for her eatery and just pay up? Who knows, this woman already has all her dirty laundry aired in public on this reality show, so she has to be used to negative publicity!

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