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Lisa Vanderpump’s lawsuit twist: ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ news

Lisa Vanderpump
Angela Weiss/Getty Images for The Lourdes Foundation

The lawsuit involving Lisa Vanderpump has taken a new twist, and the reality star may have found a way to settle it out of court. Wetpaint reports on Thursday that Vanderpump thinks the case is frivolous. A former employee, Karina Bustillos, claims she suffered sexual harassment at Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca restaurant.

Bustillos originally asked for $5 million due to the sexual harassment she experienced at the restaurant, but Vanderpump was not willing to give her more than $40,000. Now, Bustillos seems ready to take the lower offer, and she has a list of demands that must be met. The list includes changes she would like to see at Villa Blanca, and none of them are related to her sexual harassment case.

Bustillos has asked that Villa Blanca stop lying about some of the food it serves. She claims the tilapia is actually catfish while the fruits and vegetables are canned. She also wants to see changes in the behavior of other employees because they should not be eating from the plates of customers. Additionally, she thinks the employees do not wash their hands.

Vanderpump seems to be allowing her lawyers to handle Bustillos, and she has not publicly responded to the strange list of demands. Some of her “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans believe the list was created to hurt her and the restaurant’s image since Bustillos realizes she cannot get $5 million from her. Vanderpump may still want to settle the case out of court to avoid dragging it out for months.

Bustillos previously stated that a manager at the restaurant sexually harassed her while Vanderpump did nothing to reprimand him. However, the reality star claims she was not aware of any issues before the lawsuit. Furthermore, Vanderpump states she could not find any proof before dismissing Bustillos’ claims.

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