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Lisa Vanderpump’s bag is lost? American Airlines misplaces recent luggage

Giggy at the airport
Giggy at the airport

Lisa Vanderpump definitely has problems just like every other woman in America, even if she lives in Beverly Hills. While the fans are getting ready to tune in to Monday night’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, Vanderpump is on the phone and on social media trying to get her luggage returned. According to posts on Monday morning, the star has yet to get any resolution on where her bag is after checking it on American Airlines for a flight back to Los Angeles.

“@AmericanAir where is my bag?? This is so frustrating!! The service is terrible!” tweeted Lisa Vanderpump from her official Twitter account on Sunday. Coming back from a trip, the star was expecting the bag to be at the luggage counter when she arrived. Responding to the situation, American Airlines was looking into it however it sounded like they were busy doing other things too. Perhaps they don't watch enough Bravo television to know this could be a priority?

By Monday Lisa once again suggested she was on the phone trying to locate her bag (with little luck) and waiting on the phone about the situation. It seems the bag is still lost. The reality star is dealing with an unresponsive American Airlines in the situation and the fans are watching online to see how this all plays out

Who hasn't lost a bag flying? Usually though the airlines finds the bag in a decent time frame or their staff is kind enough to explain the process. Being that Lisa Vanderpump is a celebrity, what airlines would be foolish enough not to immediately rectify the situation (or even pacify the situation) as she has thousands of fans?

Sometimes the irony of life hits Hollywood's stars and reveals how even celebrities are treated. As for Lisa Vanderpump, we hope her bag shows up soon and that she always carries on board the lovely Giggy! Nobody would want to see the cute dog getting lost!