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Lisa Vanderpump lies about living in Calabasas? Brandi Glanville proves how

 Brandi Glanville alledgedly proves how Lisa Vanderpump lies
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The feuding continues on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and someone is seriously deceiving the viewers when it comes to Lisa Vanderpump living in Calabasas. It appears that someone is Brandi Glanville can speak her mind and she can write it too. The cast member revealed on Tuesday in her Bravo blog exactly how she knows that Lisa Vanderpump resided in Calabasas and every fan of the show can verify if she is lying or not in the same way.

According to Brandi all it takes is $10 and you can find out about anything about a person. That includes previous addresses, other personal details like relationships and parking tickets plus anything substantial (like jail time.) Apparently Brandi was looking up a guy who she wanted to know more and decided that since she paid the money she would put in Lisa’s name too. The address popped up using the service and then Kyle Richards also allegedly mentioned it.

“But it did list her prior residences and the Calabasas one came up. It was correct on everything it said about me, so I assumed it to be correct about her also,” writes Brandi Glanville on the official Bravo blog. The idea that she snooped on her cast members in such a way might be more upsetting than the lies, but then again there has been plenty of strange activity all week.

So why is the issue of living in Calabasas so important? Well, Lisa Vanderpump has prided herself on being part of Beverly Hills way before the show. Offering a historical glimpse of where she previously lived perhaps reveals she is a bit fake. Is lying about an address enough of fraud to get Lisa kicked off the show? Or, maybe the revelation shows that Brandi has way too much time on her hands to be snooping around; fans do not like Brandi and perhaps her antics will backfire.

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