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Lisa Vanderpump admits Kim and Kyle Richards were right about Yolanda Foster

Lisa Vanderpump is now regretting not listening to Kim and Kyle Richards when they told her at the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season three reunion that Yolanda Foster spoke negatively about her during their group trip in Paris. In her latest Bravo blog entry, posted on Tuesday, Feb. 18, Lisa wrote that Yolanda has turned out to be someone who's against her.

"Now after reading Yolanda’s blogs and having seen endless comments on film, I have realized I called it wrong. Obviously Kim and Kyle had been truthful about what had transpired in Paris, I just had refused to believe it. Joyce [Giraud] had warned me at the beginning of the season, and I chose to ignore her account of Yolanda desperately trying to engage her in a detrimental conversation about me. I didn’t know Joyce at that time and I was hoping that the bond between Yolanda, Mohamed [Hadid], and our families would supersede the negativity she harvested," she wrote.

When Yolanda joined the show, it was assumed that she would be one of Lisa's closest friends and strongest allies since she was married to Mohamed, a good friend of Lisa's, for so long. They also share the same ultra-rich lifestyle and are European. Surprisingly, however, viewers of this season's "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" have seen the two women becoming ever more distant.

Joyce Giraud has claimed since the beginning of the season that Yolanda and Brandi Glanville wanted to take Lisa down. Yolanda has spoken about Lisa several times in her blog, once stating that she's a woman who has a hard time acknowledging her mistakes and that the other ladies need to stand up to her and once proclaiming her to not be a true friend.

Do you think that Yolanda Foster has treated Lisa Vanderpump wrongly or is Yolanda just being honest?

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