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Lisa Robin Kelly of "That 70s Show': Died of 'accidental overdose' in new report

Lisa Robin Kelly, star of “That 70s Show,” died of an overdose of drugs, which was deemed accidental by the coroner in the latest report. According to the Latin Post on Jan. 5, the results of Kelly’s toxicology tests showed she ingested an overdose of a drug and that ultimately killed her.

Lisa Robin Kelly died of and accidential overdose of drugs.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

The exact type of drug Kelly had in her system has not been released, but it was a known fact she was struggling with substances. She was in an alcohol rehabilitation facility when she died on August 15.

The coroner’s initial autopsy findings could not produce a cause of death for the 43-year-old, but the toxicology report confirmed she had too much of a substance in her system, leading to her untimely death.

Days before the actress’s death she was hospitalized with a BAL of .34. An alcohol level of that was so high that it could lead to nervous system depression, unconsciousness, loss of bladder function, decreased heart rate, shallow breathing and possibly death.

When Kelly was found dead at the treatment facility, the police first ruled out fowl play and her death was immediately handled by the Los Angeles County coroner. The office had been waiting for the toxicology report to come back to hopeful help pin-point the cause of death.

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