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Lisa Rinna will join ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Brandi Glanville mad

Lisa Rinna
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Rumors continue that Lisa Rinna is planning to join the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” next season, and Brandi Glanville is allegedly not pleased with the new addition. Radar Online reports on Monday that Rinna has been thinking about several offers and has finally decided to select Bravo’s reality program. Rinna has already met the cast by attending Kyle Richards’ popular white party.

Glanville is rumored to be jealous of Rinna and her family, so she is one of the housewives who is not happy to see her join the show. Although Glanville tried to stop these rumors by claiming she is happy for Rinna and her family, her followers believe she is not being sincere and is hiding her true feelings about the actress. Meanwhile, Glanville insists she is capable of getting along with other cast members.

Some of Glanville’s followers point out that Rinna has the life she is missing and is desperate to rebuild. Rinna has a loving husband, happy children and stable home while Glanville’s dramas fill headlines. They believe photos from Rinna that show she is content with her life may be setting off the housewife.

Rinna is not letting rumors about Glanville’s anger affect her, and she is not responding to questions related to the issue. Glanville has been accused of hidden jealousy in the past, and LeAnn Rimes has not been the only target. The housewife has allegedly been jealous of Joanna Krupa, Lisa Vanderpump and others.

Bravo hopes to raise the ratings for the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” next season, so the original sources of some of these rumors may need to be questioned. Drama among cast members is an easy way to bring viewers back each week, and a feud between Glanville and Rinna could get ugly quickly. However, fans of the reality show will have to wait to see if the drama is real and actually develops during the season.

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