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Lisa LeCroy Kicks it Up with Boots Made for Traveling

Lisa LeCroy
Lisa LeCroy

A key challenge for fashion conscious travelers is packing light while enabling one to transition from casual to dressy depending on the occasion. Here Lisa LeCroy comes to the rescue by crafting the ultimate statement pieces with her convertible shoe concept. Her Spring/Summer 2014 collection contains a black and brown boot collection that can take one from a day walking the the urban streets to an upscale dinner party.

After selecting one's boot color, choose from a nappa or suede finish. Then select from different heel heights from a mroe casual flat to spiky. Conclude the look by selecting a range of tops that can take these ankle boots from a down home casual look at a more upscale feel. Her entire collection consists of a total of 8 boot designs with 21 convertible tops, thus enabling one to select those looks that best fit their personality.

These boots zip up and feel comfortable enough that they can be worn when going through the TSA line with relative ease. Also, these booties are compact enough that they can be packed in one's luggage without adding the weight one finds with a longer boot. In addition, the tops flatten so they can be easily placed in the side pocket of one's carryon without adding bulk to one's luggage.