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Lisa Hyder: Woman eaten by devil worshiper, cannibal killer beheaded his victim

Lisa Hyder is the name of one poor woman this week who was attacked, killed, and eaten by a man charged with dismembering her corpse and devouring it as part of a satanic ritual. This cannibalistic killer and self-described devil worshiper has been identified as Gregory Scott Hale, who allegedly beheaded the mother before eating parts of her body. The New York Post reports this Wednesday, June 11, 2014, that Hale has allegedly confessed to the horrible crime, and is currently in jail pending charges of homicide and corpse abuse.

Lisa Hyder is the woman eaten by a devil worshiper, tragic case
Creative Commons, Flickr Images

Although the ex-husband of Lisa Hyder, Charles Hyder, has said that he was having ongoing relationship issues with his wife, he never imagined her being killed and eaten by a stranger. When Lisa called her husband from a Tennessee bottle shop earlier this June asking for a ride home, Charles said that he was busy and unable to get her at the moment. Now, he desperately wishes that he had.

It has not been confirmed whether the two young kids of Lisa Hyder have been made aware yet of their mother’s tragic — and downright gruesome — death. According to the crime report in this shocking case, accused killer and devil worshiper Gregory Scott Hale abducted Hyder, then later beheaded her and ate part of her dead body. Police have noted that the female victim and the male murderer likely met at the very same shop Lisa had called her ex-husband from.

Although the 36-year-old woman did not know it at the time, the man Lisa Hyder met for a brief time was Gregory Hale, a man who called himself a devil worshiper on Facebook that frequently performed satanic rituals. During his alleged confession this week, shares CBS News, Hale admitted to dismembering Hyder’s body, which included taking off her head. He then tried eating part of the deceased mother and burning the remains.

During the investigation conducted by Tennessee law enforcement authorities, the reported cannibal killer had a number of horrific, gruesome, and downright wrong aspects to his online social media profile. Only days before the murder, Hale had posted a photo that told his friends:

“I hug the people I hate so I know how big to dig the hole in my backyard.”

Less than a month before in April of 2014, the deranged man said that he had become a full-fledged cannibal and had killed and eaten a human, a vegetarian. He wrote — and may have been only kidding, though know it may very well be the truth — a query, wondering what a vegetarian would taste like in terms of “good eating.”

“Would tha vegetarian taste like that fake soy meat like they got in sum fast food places???”

Despite these shocking posts, a local Coffee County police spokesman said that officers had no concrete evidence to prove that anything the prescribed devil worshiper Gregory Scott Hale wrote was true, or that he had committed any real crimes. WAAY TV News adds that police only even learned of the Lisa Hyder murder because a neighbor said Hale had asked him to help bury parts of a body on the down low. An arrest warrant also mentioned a possible satanic ritual being involved in the foul act.

Following an immediate arrest warrant, Hale was taken to jail and in an interrogation room allegedly confessed to attacking, killing, and eating the victim, a 36-year-old woman. He was said to admit to beheading her, cutting off her hands, and going full cannibal on some pieces of the corpse of Lisa Hyder.

Her ex-husband, Charles, is still in sorrow and shock.

“I still blame myself because I didn’t go get her, but I was down in Huntsville unloading my truck, and I wished I could have been there a little bit faster, usually I rescue her every time something goes wrong,” the man said to a source. “It’s really hard. I really loved her. No matter what she’d done, I loved her. I wouldn’t want nobody to go through that.”

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