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Lisa Hyder, mother of 6 killed, dismembered and part of corpse eaten by killer

Lisa Marie Hyder's murderer was caught and parts of the young woman's body were found all around his home. Her head, hands and feet were cut off and the man charged with her murder admitted to eating parts of her body, according to New York Post on June 11.

Lisa Hale was killed, dismembered and her corpse was partially eaten by a man claiming he is a devil worshiper on his Facebook page.
Coffee County Sheriff's Department

Gregory S. Hale, 37, was arrested late Sunday night on charges of premeditated murder and abuse of a corpse. The death of Hyder was horrific as the police investigation including retrieving her dismembered body parts from around Hale's home. They found here torso buried in a burn pile at the house where he lived with his parents on Pete Sain Road in Summmitville, Tennessee.

Lisa had no way of knowing that this man she had met that day at the liquor store where she worked was a devil worshiper. On his Facebook page he wrote that he "hugs the people I hate so I know how big to dig the hole in my backyard." He also talked about "being a cannibal" and "eating a vegetarian" on his Facebook page.

Police found only partial remains of Hyder's body and it was during their interrogation of Hale that he admitted to eating parts of her corpse after killing her. It is believed that Lisa did not know Hale, but she met him at a liquor store on Friday night, according to the website WKRN Nashville.

According to the arrest warrant, Hale first killed Hyder and then he beheaded her and cut off her hands. He placed those body parts in a plastic bucket. He continued filling another bucket by cutting off her feet and other body parts. The warrant states that the house where Hale buried the torso of the body in a burn pile belonged to his parents. The warrant also states that he admitted to eating part of the victim.

No solid motive was offered for the slaying. The police were tipped off by a neighbor of the Hales who said he had reason to believe someone was killed in his neighbor's house. Hale's parents were at home at the time he killed Hyder and dismembered her body, but they were in a different section of the home.

Hyder was estranged from her family as her struggles with alcohol were to the point that the substance was controlling her life. Family members always thought that she would turn her life around one day and come back to them, but now that will never happen.

The mother of six had been adrift for sometime as she suffered an addiction to alcohol most of her teen years and adult life. When the family found out about Lisa's murder and how her body was dismembered and some of it eaten by her killer, they were in the depths of despair over the way she died.

"The way she had to leave this world is not right,” said Hyder's cousin Samantha Paas. Lisa was a "lost soul" who had a "rocky life," her cousin also said. She was the mother of six kids and the children lived with their fathers, Lisa's two ex-husbands.

The family of Hyder is seeking the death penalty for the man who did this to their loved one. Hale is held on $1.5 million bond today.

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