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Lisa Hochstein exclusive interview

"Real Housewives of Miami"star Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein is the dazzling and super sonic quick-witted star of Bravo's smoking hot Real Housewives of Miami. Hochstein took a time-out from Miami madness to talk about everything from her funny first date with now husband superstar plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny her new skin care line (Viva Skinfinity!) her advice for future wives of plastic surgeons.

MM: Do you love this season or wish you could take back anything?

Lisa Hochstein: I'm loving this season. There aren't as many cast members, so you can really take better look in our lives and get to know us better this year.

MM: A lot of your fellow Miami housewives are surprised by how vocal you are this season. How do you feel about that?

LH: A lot of the girls didn't know me and really underestimated me. Last season, my friends and family were like "This isn't you. Step it up." People mistake my kindness for weakness. This is the real me. No matter where you come from, what you do - I'm kind. If someone shows me a bad side or is being a jerk, I stand up. I have an opinion and a voice. That's why we're on the show.

MM: This season your friendship with Joanna [Krupa] seems up-down-up-down. What's the status of your relationship now?

LH: Right now, we love each other. We have a love-hate relationship. Joanna isn't malicious, she just doesn't think before she speaks. She's said things in interviews and on camera interviews that insulted and hurt me because I thought we were friends. Like when she said "Go have a baby..." That hurt. I lashed out on Twitter. I'm working on stopping angry Tweeting [laughs]. She apologized though. When we're together, we have so much fun. But when we're apart, we kind of forget that.

MM: You always look fabulous. What's your fav fitness/beauty/style secret?

LH: I pride myself on looking a certain way. When I look and feel good, I'm more comfortable and confident. Things happen when you're confident.

I believe in a healthy life. I don't diet but I eat well. Lot of green juice. I just bought a Blendtec blender, which is great! I blend kale, spinach, apple and pineapple. I have a protein shake when I'm working out. I cheat with my husband when we watch football. We'll order take out.

I get a facial once a month and do my own at home. I sleep with a conditioner in my hair once a week. I go to a steam room once a week and work out three times a week.

I take really good care of my skin. I'm starting my own skin care line - Skinfinity. All of my products I use. I'm not paid to endorse it. It's my very own product and I've been working hard on it for over a year. So many people give me crap, "She's a kept woman, she doesn't work." I have news for them. I've always worked very hard. I take care of the house, I'm starting a skin care line and Lenny and I are involved with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Humane Society.

MM: Congrats on Skinfinity. Lea [Black] has a skin care line, too. Did you share skin secrets at all?

LH: I talked with her about the skin care line. I'm happy for her and she's happy for me. There's no competition. There's room in the world for more than one skin care line. I always wanted my own skin care line. My background is in modeling and acting, and my husband is an expert since he's a plastic surgeon. Good skin is so important and I'm excited for the launch of Skinfinity.

MM: Adriana de Moura's wedding looked beautiful but watching her run hours late was brutal. Was it even more painful in person?

LH: I want to start with the positives. The ceremony was beautiful. There are a lot of arguments that it was more of a renewal vow. I look at it like two people married and didn't have a ceremony. Every woman deserves that. Adriana looked like a princess out of the pages of Vogue. Everyone ended up having a good time. The Gatsby theme was great but the other girls were taking up so much time redoing their hair and makeup. I just kept my hair the same and changed my dress. I should have gone downstairs earlier instead of condoning the girls taking so long. It was inconsiderate.

I love Adriana and have fun and get crazy and dance with her. But being on time isn't her forte.

I want to say that my husband and I had a fight at the wedding. At that moment, I didn't realize he had changed his surgery schedule so he could be on time for the wedding, since he was a part of the wedding party. He started at 4 AM and had a 17 hour day..on his feet..really didn't eat. He had every right to be grumpy.

MM: Was Joanna's wedding chop chop compared to Adriana's?

LH: Joanna's wedding was chop chop. Joanna is a pretty on time person. She's very professional and it's one of the things she prides herself on.

MM: What was your first date with Lenny like?

LH: It was a blind date for me [laughs]. Lenny remembered meeting me at a Halloween party he threw. My husband is very shy and quiet which is good - usually those types don't cheat [laughs]. Lenny asked our mutual friend "What are the chances Lisa would go on a date with me?" And he said "Very good." Then our friend tricked me, and invited me to a group dinner. At the last minute, he pretended to be sick and admitted it was a date. I was all ready so I said "Screw it. I'm starving." Lenny sent his driver, he didn't even pick me up. I immediately thought he was a douche - for lack of a better word. The car took me to his house and I refused to get out of the car. He was a stranger, he could have been a creep [laughs]. As soon as I saw his handsome, smiling face, I felt comfortable. He was a plastic surgeon, so that was intriguing. We hit it off. Something inside me said "This is something special." I pretty much moved in after that [laughs]. I know I'm a naughty girl [laughs]. I was living on the West Coast at the time, and I came back to Miami a week later and on my next trip he asked, "Would you take a chance on love?" And I said "Yes."

MM: So Halloween is a special time for you and Lenny? It's the anniversary of when you met.

LH: Yeah. We met at his Halloween party. It's kind of symbolic. I remember going to the Halloween party - that we now throw together - at his house and I was in the backyard with the same friend that said we'd hit it off and he said "One day this could all be yours" [laughs].

MM: Are you throwing the Halloween party this year?

LH: Yes, but I don't like to party without a purpose. If we're going to throw a party and have free food, drinks and fabulous company - then we'd like our guests to donate to the charity of our choice. We support the Make-a-Wish charity and The Humane Society. I try to be fair, so we alternate.

MM: What's your favorite thing to do in Miami on a Friday night?

LH: It depends on my mood. If Lenny and I have tons of energy, we love to go to Katsuya or Nobu and finish it off with a movie. Date night - me and my husband. Or I love to eat pizza in bed. I'm a homebody. Why leave? I'm comfortable and have everything here! We have a great movie theater in our house and we always ask ourselves "Why don't we use this more often?" So we like watching movies.

MM: You're married to a superstar plastic surgeon. What's your advice to future wives of plastic surgeons?

LH: Just be confident knowing even if your husband is a plastic surgeon and sees naked women, he's going to be professional. At least, my husband is [laughs]. Be ready for a lot of alone time. And being a plastic surgeon's wife, you have to plan trips. There's really no spur of the moment trips. He works hard, so you have to be really supportive! It's like a school night for him every night. So you have to be home early, you can't be out drinking every night. No late dinners or really late events.

MM: You always stay so composed - even in red hot Miami drama. How do you keep your cool?

LH: I'm super composed because something people don't know about me is I didn't have the greatest childhood. I don't like talking about it a lot and like to be positive and move forward. I went through a lot in my childhood, teens and even my twenties. I've seen it all in the world so nothing phases me. I've seen a lot crazier things than these girls. And I'm a matter of fact person and like to see two sides of everything. My mother raised me right.

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