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Lisa Gold’s Act Outside the Box Red Carpet Oscar Party

Lisa Gold’s Act Outside the Box 4th annual Red Carpet Oscar Party in New York City on Sunday, March 2 was first class. It was geared towards making actors feel like they belong on the Red Carpet. Actors came dressed to the nines and strutted their stuff down that red carpet with visions of stardom planted in their heads.

Guests had a chance to feel the glam at Lisa Gold's 4th annual Red Carpet Oscar Party. Lisa and friend.
Guests had a chance to feel the glam at Lisa Gold's 4th annual Red Carpet Oscar Party. Lisa and friend.
Diana De Rosa Photo
Actors were looking glamorous at the 4th annual Red Carpet Oscar Party.
Diana De Rosa Photos

It was an energized event with lots of elegantly dressed guests who were not only enjoying the party but the 42 screens showcasing the Oscars taking place right in front of us.

I was photographing the event along with Jim Manley so that these actors could watch the flash bulbs lighting up all around them.

It was a great chance for actors to network with old friends and make new friends. Suite 36 Restaurant and Lounge was bursting with conversations while on the TV actors were being interviewed in between awards presentations. It was great fun watching everyone have such a good time.

Kudos to Lisa for organizing this wonderful event. It was exciting to watch the winners, especially of some of the films I’ve seen and really was rooting for. For sure 12 Years a Slave was on my list. I haven’t seen Gravity but plan to soon with all the accolades that film received.

I was sorry not to see Captain Phillips win something as I loved that film and Tom Hanks. Years back when I worked with the late Christopher Reeve I had the luck of meeting Tom when he was filming the movie that took him to the moon.

I did have a chance to chat with a few new people and find out a bit about them.

SAG actor Bob Van Lindt, who lives in Elmhurst, Queens ( wears many hats. Bob is an actor, photographer, painter, jazz drummer, writer and director.

Acting is my top priority but I’ve been a photographer for 50 years,” he commented. ”I do a painting a week and exhibit my black and white classic photography.”

In his acting Bob leans towards dramatic, dynamic parts. He played Lt. Schrank in West Side Story in Switzerland six years ago. He also does skits and other things often playing a cop and he was a priest on Rescue Me.

SAG actress and singer (since 1999) Julia Hughes (, lives in New York City and was donned in a beautiful blue gown. She’s done quite a bit in her career.

These days Julia spends a lot of her time singing. Her next gig is the 25th of this month. “I’ll be singing rock and roll with a great guitar player,” she commented.

Julia enjoys mixing mediums. “I feel when I mix they feed each other,” she explained. “I enjoy singing my lungs out and performing. I really don’t care where.” One of her most memorable parts was playing Celeste Anderson, the mother of two teenagers, in Rivers Wash Over Me.

It was easy to tell that Julia was one of the many who was loving this Oscar Party. And like everyone she’s hoping for stardom. “I’m having a great time,” she said, with a sparkle in her eyes.

Like many people who were present, Julia met Lisa several years ago at one of the marketing classes that she was doing for SAG members. “She is positive and she is of the same mindset as me,” is how Julia concluded our conversation.

Ray Schwarz, Kew Gardens, is one of the newer SAG members He too met Lisa from a marketing seminar she was giving, this time for The Actor’s Connection.

“Her seminars are great because they are directed to a point and she focuses on the fact that acting is about marketing and not just talent,” he commented.

For the last two years Ray has been doing background work and has learned a lot. “I love the business and I do have a lifelong mission to create something that is worth remembering and this event tonight has been great. Lisa went all out. It has a real good showbiz vibe to it. Thanks to Lisa, the Oscar like feel has been brought to NYC,” he concluded.

It was Lisa who took on the challenge of creating this event which is never easy because of all the planning and marketing it involves. However, watching her guests have a great time down the red carpet was worth all the effort.

“This was my 4th and by far the BEST ever Oscar Party,” commented Lisa. “I'm thrilled to produce this event yearly and was really excited to upgrade to the beautiful Suite 36 location this year. Everyone who attended really took the opportunity to dress up so they could ‘feel’ the glamor and excitement as if attending in LA and I hope had the red carpet experience that had people ‘feel like the star you are!’

“The award show itself captured on ALL 42 screens was a site to behold. I felt like the belle of the ball playing hostess and sans some sore feet, I too had a blast! Next year, flats!

“Act Outside the Box ( is all about getting out of your comfort zone (taking ACTion) and I'm so happy so many people came out defying the ‘impending huge snow storm’ that never came! Media hype. If you stayed home because of it, well, you missed something special. Next time I invite people come hell, high water, threat of snow, hurricane or the worst of it all the ‘I just don't wannas’ to come participate in this growing yearly event.”

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