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Liquid facelifts provide a youthful surge

Cosmetic injections are offering new possibilities to defy age. by Marin

A new era in science has made it possible for people who are not quite ready for cosmetic surgery to embark into the world of cosmetic injections. Although they do not have the same effects as surgical intervention, the improvements can be quite significant.

Over time, sun exposure without a solar defense can promote premature skin damage. And in San Diego, this can be an ongoing challenge.

If sunscreen isn't applied regularly, skin structure will become compromised. Collagen production may begin to slow down, and with this, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. The facial aging process typically originates with wrinkles around the eyes, frown lines along the forehead, loss of volume in the cheeks, and lines around the mouth.

The good news is that different types of cosmetic injections, otherwise considered liquid facelifts, can address these areas to help defy the aging process.

And San Diego plastic surgeons have really perfected the art of these injections to help smooth out wrinkles and add volume for a boost of youth.

Beginning at the forehead, the one product which continues to offer exceptional results to remove wrinkles for the upper half of the face including the forehead and around the eyes is Botox®. Botulinum toxin, the main ingredient in Botox®, encourages muscles not to contract, which helps erase wrinkles for up to a few months. Some patients note how the results last longer.

In regards to fillers, it’s recommended for patients to only consider re-absorbable fillers to temporarily treat moderate to severe lines. It’s highly suggested and urged to stay away from permanent fillers.

Very new to the market to treat the mid portion of the face is the first hyaluronic acid re-absorbable filler which has been FDA approved, JUVÉDERM Voluma™. This injectable gel adds subtle volume to the cheek area. Voluma™ acts as a longer acting hyaluronic acid product and offers immediate results.

As people age, their cheeks collapse and drift down towards the jowl area. By augmenting the cheek, from an oblique view, there is a nice convexity after a Voluma™ treatment. Additionally, it may also improve nasolabial folds. Typically, the results from Voluma™ cosmetic injections will last up to two years.

For those only wanting to treat nasolabial folds, once again, a hyaluronic acid re-absorbable filler is highly suggested, such as JUVÉDERM™. This treatment, which lasts up to a year, plumps out the lines located around the nose and mouth.

Cosmetic injections play an important role in facial rejuvenation. While it is minimally invasive, it unveils more aesthetic goals with little to no downtime.

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