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Liquid Earth a place for delicious and healthy food

Miso Soup with shiitake mushrooms and a four-grain farmhouse baguette
Miso Soup with shiitake mushrooms and a four-grain farmhouse baguette
Max Goldberg

Baltimore is filled with a variety of great restaurants and cafes, but if you’re looking for a restaurant with healthier menu options that won’t leave you feeling heavy after your meal try Liquid Earth.

Located in Fells Point, Liquid Earth is a vegetarian restaurant that is serving up hearty, healthy and delicious dishes with generous portions. The comfortable and cozy restaurant has a delectable menu with flavorful meals for every veggie and fruit lover.

Some of the menu items include:
Black Bean Burrito, an oversized tortilla layered with black beans, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and organic brown rice served on a bed of mesclun with our homemade salsa.
Stacked Enchiladas, cheddar cheese, textured soy filling, green and red bell peppers, tomatoes and onions stacked 4 layers high served with salsa side.

Liquid Earth has gotten rave reviews. Max from says:
“…I make a visit to Liquid Earth, a fantastic organic restaurant just a few blocks away from the hotel. Liquid Earth serves raw and cooked vegan organic food in a wonderful environment.”

If you’re interested in trying the restaurant, Liquid Earth is located on 1626 Aliceanna St. You can view the menu here.

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