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Lipkin: Obama an Islamo-Communist plant, Antichrist's "salesman of the month"

Avi Lipkin
Avi Lipkin

On March 5th, 2014, conspiracy theorist Avi Lipkin appeared as a special guest on The Dove TV to provide his "high-level expertise on U.S. Middle-East policy."

Given that Lipkin's "expertise" had previously resulted in him insisting that President Obama was planning to engineer a crisis in the Middle East for the purpose of causing fifty to one hundred million Muslim refugees to enter the U.S. seizing land through Agenda 21 and establishing a permanent Muslim majority, the expectations for Lipkin were high.

He did not disappoint.

First, Lipkin told host Perry Atkinson that Obama is "either a Communist plant, a Russian plant, which is one of the reasons he would never confront Russia; or, he's an Islamic plant, in which case he will never go to war against a Muslim country."

"He said this in his book that he will never go to war against another Muslim country," Lipkin added, followed by a renewal of his Agenda 21 / Muslim majority conspiracy theory, warning that "Islam is taking over America."

"They're going to come to the United States and the Muslim president is going to receive them," he continued. "It's a horrible situation for the United States in my opinion unless people think that selling the soul of America to the Devil is a good thing."

The only credit Lipkin can be given is that, unlike so many other theocratic conspiracy theorists, Lipkin stopped short of calling Obama the Antichrist.

Instead, Lipkin called Obama the Antichrist's "salesman of the month."

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