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Lip Enhancement: Increase the Volume Of Your Lips

If you are considering enhancing your lips there are several factors that you should keep in mind before doing so because this is a process that you will have to get done consistently in order to maintain the upkeep and shape of your new lips. This article will go over the basics of what lip enhancement is, what you can expect from it, what types of risks you should be aware of and what benefits you will obtain from the procedure itself.

What Is Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement is a simple procedure that is used to give your lips a more lush, defined look by licensed practitioners injecting a gel substance through a needle into the upper and lower lip. This is a common practice that is used among celebrities in order to give their lips a “cupid bow” shape by enhancing the upper lips curve.

How Does Lip Enhancement Work?

The idea of beauty seems to be straying to the appearance of large, lush, pouty lips that you can enhance with different shades of colour and gloss, but what is more is being able to make them larger through lip enhancement in order to give them a more defined youthful appearance. The lip enhancing sessions take approximately 30minutes to do, and you will be given the choice to have a dental block anesthetic prior to the procedure in order for the pain levels to become minimal. Your lips will then be injected with filler depending on which one you decide upon, some of them are firmer while others have a more natural appearance. For instance if you use hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar saline it will give your lips a more natural look where Restylane is a firmer substance that will make your lips quite a bit larger. It is important to keep in mind that your lips will be quite swollen for up to 24hours after the procedure, and there are some requirements that you will have to follow after your appointment.

What Are The Benefits?

Lip enhancement is often used for esthetic reasons in order to give your face a more youthful, pouty, healthy and balanced appearance, which in today’s world is considered attractive and beautiful. Not only will you gain a more youthful appearance, but with such transitions you may also develop higher self-esteem and self-confidence by making you feel more esthetically and naturally beautiful.

What Are The Risks?

It is always important to make sure that you do your research before getting lip enhancing done this way you will be aware of what the risks are, as well as which practitioner has the best results, track record and the most experience. Depending on which filler you choose to go with there are several risks that go hand in hand with each one for example if you are planning on using collagen there is a chance that your body might have a reaction to the product; therefore, the best way to avoid such a reaction would be to get a skin test done prior to your appointment to see if you have an allergy to this product. Other side effects that may occur from other product are infection, bruising, swelling, tenderness, moderate pain, bleeding from lip injection , lip asymmetry, lumps and irregularities in the lips, injection into the blood vessel causing loss of tissue, ulceration, scarring or stiffening of the lip. If you develop a fever, or have extreme swelling make sure to contact your physician.

How Many Lip Enhancement Treatments Are Needed?

If you want to maintain your lip enhancement appearance you will need to be treated every 3-6 months.

What Happens During Lip Enhancement?

When you first go in to meet with your lip enhancement practitioner he or she will you give you the option for a dental block to numb your lips during the procedure. Your practitioner will then inject gel into both your upper and lower lip with skill and precision in order to increase the volume of your lips. The outcome will result in fuller looking lips with a more enhanced curvature in the upper lip.

Is It Painful?

Whether or not a procedure is painful is a frequently asked question by most potential clients, and with every type of procedure or surgery there will always be some sort of discomfort. There is no need for this procedure to be painful though if you choose to use the dental block to numb your lips prior to undergoing your lip enhancement procedure.

Expectations After Treatment

You can expect your lips to be quite swollen for up to 24hours after your procedure, and it will take about a week for you to notice any different because your lips need time to adjust and heal with its new environment. It is also important to make sure you follow your post-procedural care after a lip enhancement in order to avoid infection or other resulting conditions.

What Precautions Should I Take After Treatment?

It is recommended that for the first 24 hours you avoid any strenuous exercising, and alcohol. Then for the next two weeks you should protect your lips from UV lights, as well as remain out of heat or freezing temperatures for long periods of time.

When considering getting Lip enhancement treatment I would recommend looking into the guidelines to prepare yourself for the procedure before hand, as well as making sure that this procedure is right for you. There are several risks that come with this procedure, but the results will most likely come out looking great as long as you have an experienced and sanitary practitioner.

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