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Lionsgate brings Mighty Morphin back to theaters

Red Rangers
Red Rangers

The long running children's television show is going back to the silver screen as Saban and Lionsgate are teaming up to reboot the Power Rangers film franchise. The film will supposedly re-imagine the Mighty Morphin team which was the first American Ranger team that debuted in 1994 and became a national phenomena. There have been two previous feature films to star the Power Rangers in the 90's.

The Power Rangers franchise utilizes and adapts footage from the Japanese long running Super Sentai series. Mighty Morphin is based on the Zyurangers. While the Super Sentai series is currently in their 37th season, Saban's American adaptation will enter it's 22nd season in 2015 as it is set to enter Dino Charge (Kyoryuger).

The interesting aspect to this announcement today is the fact that Lionsgate will not use upcoming Rangers from Dino Charge or future sentai adapted teams such as ToQger as the protagonists in the film, instead re-booting the Mighty Morphin team. Whereas all the past and current series of Power Rangers on television have been loosely connected in the continuity, the feature films have been established as existing in alternate timelines. It may not be the best decision with long time fans to bring in a new cast to replace the original aging Mighty Morphin, especially with the current Super Megaforce season banking so much on nostalgia. Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin Green Ranger) will appear as his character once again during this current season.

Stay tuned for more updates as new information rolls out!