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Lions vs. crocodile fight in bloody battle over dead elephant in Kenya

Lions vs. crocodile: The stark reality of nature played out in a life and death struggle at the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya earlier this month when a lion came upon a sole crocodile lying at the water's edge. The proverbial king of the jungle (actually, it was a lioness) cautiously approached the still form of the resting but alert crocodile, and then things really got interesting.

Lions vs. crocodile: The victory meal
Kai Banks/YouTube

The bloody and brutal lions vs. crocodile scene was all caught on camera, reported Express.

The crocodile slowly got into a more favorable position before snapping at the lioness with its powerful jaws, unaware that two more female lions were approaching from the other side. When the newcomers caught the crocodile's attention, the first lioness leaped onto its back. The others followed suit until it was three powerful lions vs. the crocodile.

As reported by The Huffington Post, it wasn't a fair fight. After a back and forth struggle, the lions vs. crocodile fight ended in a "victory meal."

According to Kai Banks, the man who recorded the lions vs. crocodile video and posted it on YouTube, he and his family were on a trip to the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya when their guide Sambara spotted the lions jumping onto the crocodile. When Sambara's mouth fell open at the sight, Banks knew he was witnessing something special.

Although he experienced a "tech issue" while documenting the rare lions vs. crocodile episode with a Nikon D5300 on manual focus, he managed to record the first fight on video in its entirety and document the second fight with a series of stills.

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