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Lions continue their epic collapse with loss to Giants

Don't get used to this image. Jim Schwartz's time as the Lions' head coach is likely over.
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Nope. Let's not go into detail on this game. Why do that to ourselves, guys? The Lions lost again. They were beat by the New York Giants in overtime. At home. The Giants are not a good team, and they've been awful recently. Still, the Lions managed to lose to them 23-20. Matthew Stafford threw two more interceptions. One of them was returned for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 20. In overtime, the Giants did their best to give the Lions the win, but Detroit politely declined to take it.

It was awful. It was ugly. The Lions are truly and utterly collapsing. They are officially out of the playoff race. The Bears and Packers lost today as well. Had Detroit won, all they would have needed was a win next week to win the NFC North. Instead, the best they can hope for is to finish 8-8, and I highly doubt they win on the road against Minnesota. Not this tire fire of a team.

They are going to finish 7-9, just as I predicted, but this is a particularly ugly 7-9. This should have been a playoff team. Their schedule was looking so good. Instead, they blew so many games they genuinely should have won. Stafford played horrendously down the stretch. I know the Lions had a very weakened secondary against the Giants, but the defense has not been the problem this year. The offense has. You know, the thing that was supposed to drive this team. It drove the team right into a ditch.

The problem for people who root for the Lions is that we've operated under the assumption this is a sports team. They are not. They are a ruthless machine designed to crush dreams and destroy hope. They are a constant reminder that things in life often don't work out, manifested on a football field. We could have chosen any team to root for, but for whatever reason, we chose the Lions. Maybe it was geographical. Maybe it was passed on from a prior generation. Maybe you just loved Barry Sanders, or, if you are a bit younger, Calvin Johnson. Regardless, we all made a mistake. That much is clear.

Literally, if you rooted for any other NFL team in the last decade or so you would have had a better run. You would have had higher highs, and your lows would not have been as low. No franchise has been more miserable. You would think that maybe, in theory, they could turn it around, but it hard to believe that. I mean, if you are a Lions fan, you probably are a Tigers fan, and you saw them go from disaster to World Series contender. Yet it is hard to feel like the Lions will do that anytime soon.

Jim Schwartz is gone. He wasn't the problem, but he definitely wasn't the solution. Now the Lions are going to hire another coach, and hope that this time they get a great one. Or even a really good one. One that will take the team to the next level. Of course, no coach is going to take this team anywhere if Stafford's play doesn't improve. He got a big extension, and he's been a major problem this year. We are stuck with him. If he does not turn out to be the good quarterback he has shown he can be, the Lions have no hope. Just like has been the case for years upon years.

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