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Lions and tigers and leopards, oh my!

Rock Springs Wis, Farm lands stretched for as far as I could see in any direction on the narrow dirt back roads and paved roads. My GPS tom tom directing me to turn here and turn there. The tiny town of Rock springs appears out of the farm lands and after a few more short turns I am parking in a small gravel lot.
The small white front office building gives me a pause, am I in the right place? Where are the big cats? I don't smell any big cats or animals at all. With a shrug of my shoulders I walk from the jeep to the office building.
I am greatly surprised and impressed at what I see as I stand in front of the office. Big, Huge enclosures with ample green grass and plenty of room to roam. I am greeted by Jenny Kozlowski, one of the founders and she takes me on a tour of the Big cats.
The first thing that I notice is that the cats are all content, No pacing, No rocking back and forth, NO zoochosis! These cats are relaxing in the sun. When we approach each new enclosure the cats respond to their names being said by lifting their heads, making a vocalization or walking up to where Jenny stands near the fence. All of these cats, Lions, Tigers and Leopards are healthy and have beautiful coats.
Jenny explains to me the day to day operations of feeding, cleaning and caring for the Big cats and the back story on each of them. Most of these cats are rescues from neglectful and abusive owners. Some of these cats have experienced so much physical and mental abuse and neglect from their former owners, The black Leopards Boo Boo, magic and regular leopard Sierra were all rescued from such a situation. Going from living in tiny cages to being able to roam a huge enclosure with climbing areas, Concert tunnels and tall grassy areas.
I have never seen so many white tigers in one place, Each Tiger is so different and unique. With some of the white tigers having almost chocolate brown stripes. Even the orange tigers vary in color. The stripes on each tiger is as different as human finger prints. There are also two Barbary lionesses living here, which is awesome considering that breed of Lion is now extinct in the wild because of poaching and habitat destruction.
Jeff and Jenny Kozlowski opened the Wisconsin Big cat rescue and educational center in March of 2005. They have been working with big cats for over 9 years, and have had our own big cats since 2002. They are licensed by the USDA as a rescue and education center and are also a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
They are open to the public and run on "Strictly Donations". The rescue does not receive any state, federal, or local funding; it functions entirely on its admission fees, donations, sponsorships, and volunteer work. They invite schools and groups there not just to look at them, but also to learn. Jeff and Jenny want the public to know that these cats are NOT pets, and could never make good pets. They are not meant to do tricks, and are not for people to exploit them to the point where it harms the animal.
These animals were not put in nature to jump through hoops or perform tricks, or to pose for pictures. These cats come from private owners who can't take care them anymore, zoos who think they are no longer beautiful enough to display to the public, and people who use them as cubs to take photos (who later dispose of them when the cubs are no longer small enough to handle, and simply get new cubs). Or just simply animals that need a home.
The Wisconsin Big cat rescue and education center's mission is as follows:
"Is to provide a safe place and a comfortable home for abused,neglected, and unwanted
big cats and also to educate the public about these extraordinary animals and the
actions that necessitate the need for Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Educational Center."
Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Educational Center gives these cats a chance at a peaceful and happy life, a chance for the public to learn about them, and protects them from the abuse that they endure elsewhere in captivity. This rescue is good for the community, its families, and the cats, and is federally licensed. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Educational Center.

The Big cats of Wisconsin Big cat rescue and education center.  Lions and tigers and leopards!
shetan noir
Shetan Noir

I highly recommend to everyone who loves Big cats to come here. These cats are breathtakingly beautiful.
They offer the following tours,

Tour Hours
Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am-5:00pm
Monday thru Friday by appointment only
Summer (Memorial Day thru Labor Day):
Everyday 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am-5:00pm
Monday thru Friday by appointment only
Self Guided Tour Pricing:
$9.00 Adults
$7.00 Seniors (55 or older)
$6.00 Children (4-12)
Age 3 & under free
Offered anytime during normal hours
Specialty Tours Pricing (Must call ahead):
$25.00 Adults
$15.00 Children (4-12)
Age 3 & under Free
Morning Feeding Tour (1-2 hours, starts at 8:00am)
Experience the purest of animal instinct and rage of the big cats! Feel the true power and ferociousness behind the scenes in a true feeding frenzy. Also along the tour, learn the story of each cat and how they came to the rescue. There are only 20 spots available per day, so call for your spot today!!!
Founders Tour (45 min – 1 hour)
Come and learn the amazing story behind each one of these majestic cats directly from the people who have been here since the start. You'll meet each cat and see the special bond they have with the founders. Call for your tour today!!!
Night Tour (1 hour)
The adrenal rush of a lifetime! The sun goes down and the cats come out to play! See them like you never have before…if you can find them on this 1 hour guided tour. You will also learn the background story of each cat at the rescue. Bring your flash light and your courage. Call for your night tour today!!!
For all tours (except Morning Feeding Tour), participants are welcome to walk the tour or drive thru the tour with their own vehicle.

For more information on the Wisconsin Big cat rescue or to make a donation please go to

or to sigh up for the news letter

Wisconsin Big cat rescue and education center
305 Pine Street
Rock Springs, WI 53961
Lat: 43.476751 Long: -89.919573

Monday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Adults $9.00
Seniors (55 & Older) $7.00
Children (4-12 years old) $6.00
Children under 3 free

Wisconsin Big cat rescues wish list
Animal and Property Supplies:

ATV - 4-wheeler (4x4 500 or larger)
Golf Cart (for the elderly to view the cats)
Tractor - any size
Brush hog mower
Weed eaters - gas powered
Bobcat or Skid Steer
Snow plow for a truck
Heavy duty wheelbarrows
Trailers - any size
Picnic tables
Building materials - tools, nails, wood, etc.
Wood - treated, 6x6, 18 feet long
Heavy duty garbage cans
Heavy duty garbage bags
Rubbermaid storage bins - any size
Garden hoses
Work gloves
Rubber gloves
Batteries for flash lights and other equipment - C, D, AA
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Towels - bath and hand
Cleaning supplies
Weed killer
Boomer balls for big cat enrichment
Gas gift cards
Veterinary supplies - gift certificates to Lodi Veterinary Care
(705 N. Main Street, Lodi, WI - (608) 592-3232)
Office Supplies:
Printer Ink - hp 61 black and 61 tricolor

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