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Lions and Bears and Shakespeare? Oh, My.


Vesper Theatre Company

Ever wanted to hang out with lions? How about bears? No.

Well what if there were no lions, and no bears, just their old hangouts and some Shakespeare?

Ado about Nothing,’
to be exact. Yes, it’s Shakespeare in the park with a twist.

Instead of your everyday park the Vesper Theatre Company took it to the old LA zoo picnic area. While you sit in the grass with a good picnic and a soft blanket, they give you Shakespeare using the abandoned caves of the former zoo.

Consider it built in scenery. I’m sure the animals are much happier in the new LA zoo habitat anyway, and don’t mind the use. (P.S.:The caves were used before for Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy).

This is the groups first year perfoming Shakespeare on the rocks as they are calling it, but hopefully not their last.

The show has two more performances, October 10th and 11th. Both at 3:30pm, yes they are matinees-it gets hard to do Shakespeare when the lights go out.

What better way to express love, heartache, and soul mates than in bear caves? To make reservation call (323) 207-6365

Before the show, make your way over the very functional, very fun LA Zoo to see some real animals playing around.