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Lionfish delicacy in the Florida Keys

You can't mess with this fish, terminates everything in its path, or does it? Said that it eats whatever it can fit in its mouth. He is so tough no other fish is a predator to it. But now, he has to watch his back to human predators. On the account of the huge number in growth, a plan had to be devised to get it under control, the current plan is to catch and eat the Lionfish.

It is very hard to catch a Lionfish because of its venomous spines. Beautiful to look at but like 007, its beauty is its weapon. Lionfish have also been called one of the weirdest fish in the world.

They are not indigenous to the Atlantic Ocean but ended up in there much the way many other non-indigenous species: by pet owners releasing them. Lionfish are from the Pacific and Indian Oceans, native to coral reefs. So sure, when they found the rich coral reefs of Florida they flocked to it.

Now mostly invading the Southeast, it has become a problem in the Florida Keys because the Lionfish are endangering the marine ecosystem. The sting won't kill humans but the pain is extreme.

The Florida Keys is trying to get more of the Lionfish on the restaurant menu. You might come across some, but it's not as common yet because there isn't enough demand for it. Catching them are difficult, but not many people are eating it yet, so the prices are low for this fish meat then what would've been called for. Though it is said to be very tasty.

Also reported on October 21, 2013 on Brevard Times:

Lionfish were first reported off Florida's Atlantic Coast near Dania Beach in 1985; in the 1990s four reports were made near Miami, Boca Raton and Palm Beach and one report came from Bermuda. In 2000 the species began to be recorded off the Atlantic coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, while reports from Bermuda and Florida continued.

If your taste buds are looking to try something new, the Florida Keys is trying to raise this as a new food item fad. To get the invasion under control from harming the eco-sytem, divers hunt for them and bring them up to be served on our dishes. Divers Hunt Invasive Lionfish in the Florida Keys.

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