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Lion or pit bull mystery in California may be solved

In late July, a security camera captured images of a large animal sauntering through the streets of Norwalk, Calif., and speculations about what type of animal it was sparked debate among area residents and beyond; according to Thursday's NBC Southern California, the mystery may now be solved.

Dog or lion?
NBC Southern California

Norwalk public information officer Jeff Hobbs made a statement on Thursday indicating that an unnamed area resident believes that the animal in question is their pit bull, whose name is "Buddy." The woman, and her family, viewed the home security camera videotape and they believe that the animal is their dog - not a lion, as was speculated by many people.

The "big cat" theories began after the City of Norwalk alerted area residents to the possibility with the following statement:

Large Wild Cat Spotted in Norwalk Neighborhood

· Resident’s home security camera videotaped the cat in the early morning hours (video file attached)

· Video shows what appears to be an aged lion, although resident reported as a “mountain lion”

· City contacted Fish & Game department per protocol – no formal action or investigation yet

· City wants to alert residents to be on the lookout

Experts were called on to view the security images and the theories varied from an African lion, elderly pit bull to a leopard - depending on which individual was questioned. Now that the area resident has come forward, another experiment has been conducted.

Buddy the dog was filmed with a camera set up in the same area, under the same conditions and then the footage was compared side-by-side with the initial footage; an expert who viewed both pieces of video believes that Buddy might be the animal that was initially captured by the camera.

An absolute answer has not yet been determined.

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