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Lion-Its Whats for Dinner

Believe it or not, lion meat is now being served in restaurants. Already the innocent victims of ineffable abuse, exotic pet owners often dispose of their unwanted former toys and sell them for slaughter.

According to CBS, many slaughters are taking place in the midwest and western territories such as Washington state, already a predominant scene for hunting and fishing.

According to the Exotic Animal Rescue Foundation, the USDA simply doesnt care. A spokesperson for the USDA told the Examiner "We dont see it as being against the law," said the public relations department. "Its just our policy."

APHIS, the Animal Health and Plant Inspection Service is the USDA department responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act which is supposed to protect animals from cruelty but even the USDA admits it only will enforce policy which means whatever is accepted by society. It also controls the slaughter and meat industry so a conflict of interest would seem to be inherent in this organization.

Contact your congressmen to push for the Exotic Animal Protection Act and to initiate legislation that will stop this egregious practice of evil. We are the stewards of the earth and the voice for animals.

Unfortunately exotic animal regulation is poorly enforced and one website found by the examiner offered baby elephants for sale. the usda merely fines animal abusers at most because animal abuse in entertainment, testing and the military are bog business. Circuses gross millions a year and theyre all based in florida a main entry port for exotic animals.

Boycott circuses. listen to the screams of the elephants when they are being forced to do headstands, use products which are not tested on animals and educate yourself about the best and kindest methods carong for your pet. remember, he who saves one life saves the world entire. You dont have to be a radical a hippie or a leftist to be kind and do whats inherently correct.

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