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Linoma Software's GoAnywhere app allows sharing between iOS and Android devices

A new useful app from Linoma Software
Linoma Software

I may have an iPhone, but you may have an Android smartphone' so how do we share or transfer files between the two devices?

Linoma Software's GoAnywhere app is able to help.

The new GoAnywhere app lets users of Apple and Android phones and tablets to easily and securely connect to their respective corporate network to transfer files. The menus in the app allow users to upload or download with speed and ease.

“File management is a critical function in any workplace and, without a secure BYOD solution, users will find a workaround to maintain productivity,” states Bob Luebbe, chief architect for GoAnywhere. “Delivering mobility tools that make it easier for workers to connect with corporate servers reduces reliance on policy enforcement to control data security.”

This is an enterprise solution for mobile sharing, but it's so easy anyone can do it with GoAnywhere.

The way it works is pretty simple. You mobile app connects with GoAnywhere Services, which is a secure FTP server for enterprise. The file transfer events are logged in to meet compliance with SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA and your state privacy laws.

The GoAnywhere File Transfer app is ready for download now on iTunes and the Google Play store. As a great deal, it is free to customers licensed for the GoAnywhere Services HTTP/s module.

Get it now.

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