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Linking Technology, Sports, and Green Energy

These three industries do run in conjunction. Fairly stated, technology is exponentially becoming a part of all industries, whether in small or large ways. And this reflects also the headway showing a merger, albeit slow, between sports and green energy. On a small scale, at sporting events and the like, there’s now an effort to collect recyclables. This may not sound like much, but it’s a plus for society, in numerous venues, globally. Yet, in view of larger pie slices, by linking technology and sports, may speak volumes to how innovation permits broadcasting and viewing, in multiple ways, and with a wide array of new devices; as well as, how to measure body performance of athletes to analysis of coaches, players, opposing teams, what-if scenarios, ultimate outcomes; and so on.

As the world turns green
As the world turns green
Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images
The marketplace expands with new tech gadgets
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

One promotable benefit of technology can involve lowering costs. In that framework, it’s sparked an assertive use of solar panels, and wind turbines. So much so, we are now seeing an increasing movement toward smart cities, inclusive of pilot programs. Such steps can make good economic sense, in terms of a variety of future outlooks desired, and reducing expected challenges over time.

Nonetheless, whether the subject is sports or technology, one still needs energy and some participatory level of people. Energy costs can affect discretionary funds available for tech gadgets or attendance at sporting games. On the flip side, green friendly environments are marketable to further entice consumers to support products and services. If there is any doubt, consider the following:

‘In the five major professional North American leagues, 38 of the 126 teams have transitioned to renewable energy for at least some of their operations. Of these 38, 18 have incorporated solar energy. The Philadelphia Eagles football team is one of those. Their stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, is in the works to generate enough energy from 14 wind turbines and 11,000 solar panels to power all of their home games. Rob Zeiger, Eagles’ Vice President of Communications, recognizes the importance of making the stadium environmentally-friendly to not only serve business purposes and save money, but also to educate people on sustainability practices and to perhaps reach an audience that does not yet hold environmental issues as a core value.’ - See more at:

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” Albert Einstein. I enjoy accounting and business matters; and the coverage of sports, technology, and green energy, fits well onto and into that notion. And that is indeed the angle of my goal in covering them. Some added subjects can be found in my most recent newsletter:

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