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LinkedIn's Most Effective Social Selling Practices

Learn to sell, socially
Learn to sell, socially

Are you a sales leader responsible for the results of your sales force? Are you a sales professional that is required to reach a sales quota? Outlined in this article are strategies that are effective for sales professionals, sales leaders, internet marketers, social media marketers and basically every other sales position out there.

Lets start with this: What is Social Selling? Social selling is what refers to finding and connecting with potential leads via social media to increase sales. How do you execute social selling to see results? Review the five best ways to implement social selling.

Researching Your Target Market And Making Partnerships

Making partnerships with other LinkedIn users that share a common audience is a concept many individuals on LinkedIn forget about. The platform of LinkedIn is not only made for building alliances, but for opening the doors to possible clients that your LinkedIn ally might refer you to.

Prospecting On LinkedIn

On LinkedIn there are primarily two methods for potential leads:

The very first method is searching for potential leads by using LinkedIn’s search function, and looking through your connections to see their if they have any potential leads on their lists.

The second method is optimizing your LinkedIn profile, making it easier for potential leads to find you. This would be done by choosing specific keywords and strategically placing them through out your profile. (Want to know how to create a kick-ass LinkedIn profile?)

Making First Contact

Generating a great first impression is usually critical to meeting someone face-to-face. This also applies for networking on LinkedIn. One huge mistake the average LinkedIn user makes is when they reach out to network with a user but they don’t change the message your user gets when you ask to connect with them. Be personable ladies and gentlemen!

Build Relationships

After connecting with your potential lead, make sure to send them a personable appreciation message. It also doesn’t hurt to send them something valuable like an interesting article, a free ebook, or video.
Sending your potential lead a few messages gradually over a few weeks is a smart strategy for you to stay fresh in their head - but make sure your messages aren’t sales pitches.
Using the reminders, tags, and notes (a great little tool that is handy for storing information about your contacts) found on the lead’s profile page is a great way to plan and formulate your thoughts and strategy. Remember to stay consistent and keep those leads warm!

Move It Offline

Meeting potential leads and conversing with them gradually on LinkedIn is a great way to keep the doors open to networking. As you build your relationship, make sure to take it offline and develop the relationship in person because remember: social selling starts online but you have to move it offline sooner or later.
When it comes to social selling, you will find your greatest success when you make the following your main priorities:

  • Building a personable relationship and moving it offline
  • Generating interest with your potential leads
  • Offering substantial value to your potential lead

In conclusion, social selling with LinkedIn is really is a great and upcoming way to generate short and long-term relationships, while working towards the end goal of making sales.

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