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Linkedin rejection letter: 'Communicator of the year' reject letter goes viral

An absolutely insulting Linkedin rejection letter from a so-called professional communicator has gone viral.

A snide Linkedin rejection letter from a "passionate advocate" to job seekers backfired on one popular online job bank exec. According to Kelly Blazek’s LinkedIn page, the businesswoman is a “Senior internal communications counselor for global diversified industrials and mid-size manufacturers.” That’s quite a mouthful; too bad her replies to potential job seekers are not equally articulate.

According to NBC News on Thursday, Blazek is getting some well-deserved criticisms after she used her keyboard to dole out a boorish tongue lashing to a young woman looking to connect with Blazek and her contacts.

After the 26-year-old requested the “privilege” of connecting to Blazek on the networking site LinkedIn, the Cleveland job bank founder, once honored as “communicator of the year,” blew her out of the water with this:

“Apparently you have heard that I produce a Job Bank, and decided it would be stunningly helpful for your career prospects if I shared my 960+ LinkedIn connections with you – a total stranger who has nothing to offer me… I suggest you join the other Job Bank in town. Oh wait – there isn’t one.”

Diana Mekota was the so-called offender, and she contacted Blazek, evidently to ask if she could join the job bank listserv, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Mekota then posted the letter, and because the Internet absolutely loves these things, Reddit, Buzzfeed and other viral hotspots sucked it and voila -- viral fodder.

Blazek's crass reply continues:

"Your invite to connect is inappropriate, beneficial only to you, and tacky," Blazek wrote, according to Mekota's IMGUR post. "Wow, I cannot wait to let every 26-year-old jobseeker mine my top-tier marketing connections to help them land a job."

And she was just getting her laptop warmed up...

"I love the sense of entitlement in your generation," Blazek wrote. "You're welcome for your humility lesson for the year. Don't ever reach out to senior practitioners again and assume their carefully curated list of connections is available to you, just because you want to build your network."

She closed with: "Don't ever write me again."

After Mekota shared the snarky reply, Blazek was forced to issue an apology:

“I am very sorry to the people I have hurt. … The note I sent to Diana was rude, unwelcoming, unprofessional and wrong,” Blazek wrote.

Mekota's original e-mail to Blazek, sent February 19, was simple and unassuming. She simply cites her credentials and experience as she asks to join the 7,300-member jobs list. She said she got Blazek's incredibly crass response shortly afterward and actually was composed enough to write a very professional response:

"I realize you told me to never write you again, but wanted to reach out as there has been a large miscommunication and I merely wanted to explain myself," she wrote.

Mekota explained a friend had advised her to send a short email with her credentials, as opposed to a paper resume.

"I apologize if this came off as arrogant or invasive as that was never my intention," she wrote. "I was again, hoping to join your very impressive job board but I understand you(r) reservations."

Her refusal to engage in Blazek's absurd insults, and her equally impressive "high road" reply should land her a job in short order.

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