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LinkedIn is no longer playing by the rules

Professionals use Linked In to nework with other professionals
Professionals use Linked In to nework with other professionals

What has recently been discovered regarding LinkedIn is an oddity taking place effecting members. What is more, this issue is quite interesting as the social media giant requests professional members to play by the rules yet they are not following their own playbook; double standard shall we say? There is a term SWAM (Sitewide Auto Moderation) invented awhile back that has taken over the social media and what has become more astounding is the matter this SWAM is automatic. In other words, when SWAM takes place on one networking group automatically happens on all 49 others. What makes matters worse, the only way to have SWAM removed is to manually message each owner or moderator of the network groups and request to be removed of moderation.

The larger problem of this is due to the fact LinkedIn has not corrected this bug from the get go. Of course group discussions need to have the moderation setting as it is a helpful item. But what can make this setting dangerous is not having a moderator who pays attention or worse yet when a moderator has a bad day or perhaps there is a bit of competition feeling in the group and that member is removed. In any case what happens in one group takes place in all groups that member is involved with. That matter is a serious and must be further researched and dealt with by Linked In technical support staff personnel as many LinkedIn members have been SWAM’d and are now under moderation in groups. This action has caused many professional members to leave Linked In and do business elsewhere. Could this SWAM type action be the end to Linked In networking, only time will tell.