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LinkedIn Group’s: Top Contributors

Are you a Top Contributor?
Stephanie Furlan

A few months after it’s release, the top contributors function that you seen in LinkedIn Groups is changing the interaction among users.

What is LinkedIn Group’s top contributors function?

LinkedIn describes top contributors as: “Group members who post the most valuable and insightful information (and comments).”

Why is LinkedIn Group’s top contributors function beneficial to you?

Top contributors raises your profile by giving you extra visibility and credibility, aids you in making new connections, and starts the lead generation process.

If you’re curious as to what level of contributor you are in your groups, head over to one of your groups and look on the top right side of your group page. Located there you will observe the top contributors as well as your personal contribution level.

Every day the LinkedIn Groups top contributors levels are calculated so each user knows where they stand in their group. The five levels are the following:

  • Getting started
  • Finding an audience
  • Making an impact
  • Building influence
  • Top Contributor

Are you someone that needs to improve their contribution level or someone who wants to work towards a group badge?

You can do this by consistently posting valuable content and commenting insightfully. Remember to treat this process as if you were talking to your friend in person - treat the conversation as a two-way street.

Are you someone who comments consistently but has a low level of contribution?

This could be due to what you’re posting or commenting. It also could be because your members notice that you’re commenting just to comment. Quantify your engagement and test new content and commenting strategies.

After two months of using LinkedIn Group’s top contributors function, do you think it’s a great addition to LinkedIn? Does it make you want to participate more often in LinkedIn Groups?

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Thanks for reading, comment below!

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