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LinkedIn announces its beta launch in China

Jeff Weiner: LinkedIn CEO
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

LinkedIn’s blog has just announced today, that they have launched a beta version of their Chinese platform.

Whereas other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter have not had much success penetrating the Chinese market, because of China’s strict regulations, LinkedIn has been able to grow.

To maintain good standings with China’s internet policies, LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner posted on the LinkedIn new’s feed today, these three core values that the company will abide by:

  1. Implementing the specific government required content restrictions.
  2. Transparency in all business conduct with it’s members, including frequent member updates.
  3. “Extensive measures” to protect member’s data.

Derek Shen also shares several posts in the blog from Chinese professionals that attribute their career growth to the English-LinkedIn platform. According to Bloomberg Technology, the English version has existed for over ten years. So it was only a matter of time before LinkedIn would launch a Chinese-language platform to provide a better service for this market.

With a population making up about 19.3% of the total world population, the importance of penetrating a business relationship in China is apparent. In fact, according to PCWorld, Facebook is currently finding other means of breaking into the Chinese market via WhatsApp since the actual social media platform is blocked.

As other major technology and internet companies vie for successful penetration into the Chinese market and struggle, they have proven time and time again the importance of local market research and consumer understanding. shares with us a list of cultural business blunders gone wrong.

Just last year, Apple had to issue an apology for its warranty, in order to protect it’s brand and keep Chinese competitor brands at bay. According to Bloomberg Technology, the inability for other US technology companies to work with China’s internet policy, has caused several “copycat” competitors to launch there.

China is the biggest and fastest growing market for LinkedIn (Apple as well) and flexibility comes into play in order to stay afloat.

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