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Linked in and other communities

In the National Prayer Examiner yesterday the topic was "praying as you plan and planning as you go." This resonates with many Christian leaders who have started something. On Friday the Denver Front Range Examiner reports on areas where we can build community and that it starts from you. Ten years ago who could have imagined that social-media would play such a big role in bringing people together? The connections in social media have transformed the ways and resources of people who now have access to talent and management across the world. Linked in has become a community that if used to it's fullest potential could bring together business, community and people and actually launch new ideas.

In colorado springs
Brett Bixler

Paper Moon

FREX actually did a study while working on a media project that took all of our New York connections and put together resumes, skill sets and on paper built an innovative digital advertising; public relations; publishing and broadcasting dream team with 150 men and women. This of course is on paper and no talent was hurt in making this story. Connections can be powerful and when planning a business around peoples skills and talents, where they live, what they do and realizing that these people all have one thing in common, all of them are faith based entrepreneurs who want to see the message of the Gospel come from New York and that the message, the mission and the music originates here.

Give my regards to Broadway

"We looked at some of the greatest creative, financial, producers, and business minds in the business but also the most active in ministry and causes. We interviewed the best communicators, pastors, chaplains and authors. We discussed the concept with the best studio owners; ministry leaders; and advertising creative minds, who all would trade in their Wall Street; Madison Avenue; Greenwich Village coffee houses and galleries and Broadway credentials to work in community with others to produce a body of work that would bring New Yorkers the life giving message, walk the mission that they are called to; and create meaningful media and music.

Front Range and Center Stage

So what is the next step? Could a group of 150 people change the way the gospel is presented in New York? Herb Brooks, the late US Gold medal Hockey coach, once said that, "he wasn't looking for the best players, he was looking for the team players," when assembling his team that beat the Russians. Brooks emphasized the commonalities of community and that common goals and teamwork could bring strengths to weaknesses, fill holes where the gaps fit together. Community building is finding that group of individuals, married couples, and families who pool together resources; play a role in the planning and together are of one accord. This can happen in New York City, Nashville or along the Front Range of Colorado. And now social media is a tool to bring people together to achieve our common goals.

About FREX

FREX is the community building column of Five Points Media. If you have an interest in building community through evangelism, special needs ministry, media that feeds a hungry culture, praying as you plan and planning as you go, and community building, e-mail


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