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Lingering Effects of a Haunted Asylum

Trauma repeated over the years in such a cruel manner that is utterly inhumane to residents of an insane asylum causing a lifetime of uncontrolled retaliation. An explanation of lingering haunts and personal attacks, being a patient in an institution that demonstrated such horrid personal care, I too would want to stroll the eternal hallways of torment and torture looking for those that caused me that kind of pain, why not?

Reasons unknown to the general public or common sense, those that were unfortunate enough to spend time let alone a “lifetime” in a mental institution, better known back in the day as an “insane asylum” which is more befitting knowing the shenanigans the befell the residents. That is putting it mildly.
So many reports have surfaced on the mistreatment and abuse of not only patients but theft of property and funds at many of the institutions with many workers being afraid to report what was going on for fear of losing their only source of income.
One notorious reported insane asylum was the Whittingham Hospital that is located in the United Kingdom. The first revelation of any wrongdoing came from a Medical Assistant at the institution and was printed in the “Contact” a medical magazine where “serious complaints of cruelty, ill treatment and fraud” among others filled the list.
Many cruelties included patients being forced a liquid diet when not on such a diet, being choked with a wet towel or sheet wrapped around their neck until they would pass out, being locked in rooms under the stairs, locked in washrooms, locked out in airing rooms no matter what the weather.
Reports of the “wet towel” treatment were rampant as well as patients being drug by the hair, being punched in the face, waiting on the steps to be bathed, left only in a vest to go to bed, freezing temperatures and being tied to chairs.
Who in their right mind would want to linger on after death to roam the halls seeking revenge?

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