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Lingerie Football's Chloe Butler sexes up sprinting, rugby for on-field success

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Lingerie Football's Chloe Butler will lean on her running and sprinting talent to promote Australia's new Lingerie Football league. The former Playboy model and cheerleader played rugby before being recruited to join Lingerie Football League team, L.A. Temptation, and now she'll be bringing the game Down Under.

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"I did a little bit of running," the 24-year-old says of her background in sports. "I ran for Australia a couple of times in the 400 and 400 hurdles. I also played rugby for the Brumbies," she adds.

Weighing in at 124 pounds, the 5-foot-11 Butler is dubbed the Lingerie Football League's "Ministry of Defense" and she plans on using her agression to return some bruises and take home victory for her team.

"With such a high-intensity, high-impact sport, you get high-impact breaks, broken noses, dislocated and broken ribs," Butler tells Australia's Daily Telegraph. "I am riddled with bruises every day. I think the guy at Starbucks thinks I get beat up by my boyfriend."

Butler, along with a handful of other ladies, says she "understands the marketing" of the Lingerie Football League and is simply honored to "be a professional athlete on a world stage.

In a video interview this week, debuted on Fox News, Butler says the reward of the game and her chance to be an "international star" are what make the play worth the fight.

"Bring back the biff. Is what I always say to the girls. After the game fans always talk about how tough we are, how I took some girl out, or how I caught the 50-yard touchdown."