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Lingerie company features real women; highlights true beauty

It may have taken a while, but clothing manufacturers are finally waking up from their slumber and are realizing and emphasizing the true beauty and sexuality of real women.

With or without her golden tresses, Elly Mayday personfies true beauty.
Plus size model Elly Mayday breaks molds and battles ovarian cancer wile modling lingerie.

Kudos all around to Forever Yours Lingerie, based out of Langley, B.C., for showing all sides of sexy in their latest ad campaign featuring the curvaceously gorgeous model Elly Mayday.

Mayday represents the majority of women today who have busts, hips, and thighs with integrity. That is, thickness, Meat on the bones. Something to hold onto. Curves! Her curves grace the billboards, magazine, and online ads for this company and make men stop and say "Deezam!" and women applaud.

Mayday's smokin' hot size 14 figure did not stop her from being a symbol of all that is sexy about a woman, and neither did her battle with a rare form of ovarian cancer. Even after her diagnosis, Forever Yours lived up to their name and have not only stood by their model (supporting her through her battle against cancer), but continued to showcase her even when she lost her hair after chemotherapy.

Elly Mayday is truly beautiful and inspiring for women everywhere. She proves that sexy isn't a size, it's a state of mind. And Forever Yours Lingerie has elevated that state onto the pedestal where it belongs. Hallelujah.

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