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Linette’s Herbal Remedy Garden II

There are amazing curative powers of herbs, ask Linette.
There are amazing curative powers of herbs, ask Linette.
Robert Bornstein

Linette is so knowledgeable and kind to share her knowledge it’s time for more great herbal tea remedies. In a past article, I introduced you to Linnette, who is an herbal healer from Jamaica. She is very knowledgeable about tropical herbal teas that are used as medicine. Back in Jamaica, she remembers her family never ran to the doctor for minor illnesses, they went into the bush and broke off some leaves for a quick cure. Some of the herbs have been researched in University labs where their potency has been validated, while others still have not been researched.

Linette's Herbal Remedy Garden II
Robert Bornstein

Leaf of life is a prolific succulent that once established in the garden reproduces beyond compare. It is also known as miracle leaf, Kalanchoe, tree of life, life leaf. The leaves are utilized as a tea to combat colds and stomach aches. There are a multitude of other uses for this herb which originated in Africa and quickly spread to the Caribbean islands. Some other benefits include helping respiratory issues such as bronchitis, asthma and congestion.

Tropical mint looks and grows unlike our American mints. Tropical mint grows more like a small bush, and the scent is different as well. The scent and flavor is more subtle. The tea is delicious and like American mints, it is utilized to aid digestion, prevent gas and upset stomach. The tea is given to children to calm them before bed. There are a few different mints, one of which is Hyptis mutablis.

Semi contra is known as tea of life and the Latin name is Chenopodium ambrosioides. Drank as a tea it is known to be a great tonic to kill worms in the body. In Jamaica it is sold in pill form to rid the body of worms. The leaves can be eaten and contain anti oxidants. The leaves are a dark green with beautiful frilly one inch undulating leaves.

King of the forest is utilized for high blood pressure. The scientific name is Cassia alata and the common names are candle bush, impetigo bush, ringworm cassia, Christmas candle, gelenggag and others. There are a multitude of uses, depending on which tropical country you research. The tea is utilized to clean the body as well, and kills worms.

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