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Lines, Lines, Everywhere A Line

Lines, Lines, Everywhere A Line
Lines, Lines, Everywhere A Line
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Washington State opened their first recreational marijuana stores yesterday to much fanfare and lines everywhere. People waited over night for the stores to open. There were shortages of the marijuana but still people wanted to be there so they could be part of history. The bill that allowed yesterday to occur passed back in 2012. The police for several years have backed off the pursuit to arrest those individuals who were caught with small amounts. So why was yesterday a big deal?

For years people have been screaming at the top of their voices to allow for the legalization of marijuana. Yesterday people were able to, and as one person put it was like going to a candy shoppe. In some 23 states you are now able to buy medical marijuana. The times they are a changing.

We have seen the rise of alcohol related deaths. Whether it be in traffic accidents or just from the simple consumption of too much. What you don't see is people dying from smoking marijuana.

Across this great country we are seeing that people from the President, Congress, and local politicians as well as the big business muckety mucks are relaxing their personal views on marijuana. It is taking this country like a storm and it is about time. Washington State became the second in what will eventually become a long line of states to legalize marijuana.

Colorado for instance is taking in some 3-4 million in taxes each month from the sale if marijuana. They've been doing this each month since the beginning of the year. Washington State will soon be doing the same. They have kinks that need to be worked out but they are on the right track.

Washington State did not have all the shops open due to paperwork problems. They didn't have all the merchandise that they wanted as the number if plants hadn't produced enough marijuana for opening day sales. The cool thing was that the people who waited in line for some 24 plus hours were happy to just be there. It will get better and everyone will be able to get high legally and without fear of arrest. You know it's like everything else, as long as you do it in moderation all will be good. Party on dudes. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to