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Lindsey Vonn worried Tiger Woods' path leads to Elin's door to rekindle love

Lindsey Vonn worried now that Elin Nordegren single again, Tiger will make a move to get her back.
Lindsey Vonn worried now that Elin Nordegren single again, Tiger will make a move to get her back.
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Lindsey Vonn is worried that Tiger Woods will hook back up with ex-wife Elin now that she’s newly single again. Elin called it quits with her billionaire boyfriend a few weeks back and the possibility of Tiger wanting to reconcile with his ex weighs heavy on Vonn’s mind today, according to News Oxy on Aug. 29.

Vonn’s worries make sense because Elin and Tiger divorced due to his serial cheating, not because Tiger stopped loving her. It was Elin who initiated the divorce and for good reason. Some might argue that Tiger could not have loved Elin to cheat on her at such a rapid rate, seemingly leaving no stone unturned when finding a fling.

Both Tiger and Elin love their kids and because they co-parent they do have to see each other often. Elin, who was a model before marrying Tiger, is still the beauty that she was the day he married his young and trusting wife. There is one thing that Elin has that Vonn doesn't, she is the mother of Tiger's kids.

Would Elin really want to go back to Tiger after all that’s happened in the past? Since Tiger has been with Vonn, he appears to be a one woman man, so maybe Elin will see a change in Tiger.

The Traveler reports that Elin was in a serious relationship with Christopher Kline, the coal mogul, until she initiated the split earlier this month. She was so tired of him being wrapped up in business, which was making her feel as if she always came in second place behind his work. This prompted her to go her separate way. Will that way beat down a path to Tiger’s door? Or will Tiger beat down a path to her door now that she's single again?

Vonn confided in friends recently that Tiger wanting Elin back would be her worst fear. Although this is not anything that Tiger has even hinted to, maybe Vonn knows something the public doesn’t. Elin is the mom of Tiger’s six-year-old and five year-old children, that is a strong bond no matter what else plays into a relationship.

Now that Elin is single, Vonn feels it is just a matter of time before Tiger gets her back. Vonn has to know that Tiger’s history doesn’t exactly make him monogamy material, although people do change. Her friends said that Vonn also worries about Tiger cheating after all the women that came forth and revealed relationships with Tiger when the scandal first broke a few years ago.

While that was long before Vonn was in the picture, she is very aware that Tiger was once capable of cheating, so what makes him different today? It seems the young sports star has a lot of worries on her plate about Tiger and that is the last thing a relationship needs.

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