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2014 Winter Olympics

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Lindsey Vonn gives Matt Lauer some Olympic fashion advice: ‘Never wear that hat'

Matt Lauer's hat in Sochi
Matt Lauer's hat in Sochi
Screenshot/Today show

Lindsey Vonn definitely can be funny when she has a point. On Monday morning when fans were watching the Today Show on NBC, the athlete was talking to Matt Lauer about Julia Mancuso’s win on the slopes and seemed to be offering fashion advice about Lauer’s choice of hats. According to the For The Win on Monday, the accomplished athlete weighed in on his hat and gave some serious Olympic fashion feedback.

“You should probably never wear that hat that you wore in the last segment,” said Lindsey Vonn on the Today show. “That’s just from one friend to another.”

Looking at the hat people will understand why the headgear might be a little too suggestive. In a very funny way the hat seems to have a pointy tip and doesn't seem to lay down flat. It also has some interesting ridges. It’s safe to suggest that there are many similarities for this hat, but the most immediate thing that comes to mind isn't safe to say out loud at work.

While Vonn also commented on about Julia Mancuso’s win on the slopes, but she pointed out with NBC’s tape delay it hasn't been seen much in the United States. Of course people who would have gotten up in the middle of the night to watch the live coverage could have checked out the medal winning run. Then again most Americans have to be at work Monday morning so just hanging out watching TV in the middle of the night might be unrealistic.

As for the hat? Lindsey Vonn is right, Matt needs to lose the hat as soon as possible!

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