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2014 Winter Olympics

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Lindsey Vonn describes watching 2014 Olympics as ‘Emotional’ after injury

Lindsey Vonn is emotional watching the Olympics
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for DirecTV

Lindsey Vonn will be thousands of miles from the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Fans will get to hear her commentary and get feedback on the event, but they won’t see her in the competitions on the Russian slopes. On Thursday USA Today reported that Lindsey Vonn will be a correspondent for the NBC Olympics, but the decision is emotional.

“I'm not sure I'll watch the downhill. It may be too emotional for me but we'll see,” said Lindsey Vonn about the decision to stay in the United States and not part of the Winter Games. Still in the process of acceptance, the athlete has not been just dealing with physical pain, but emotionally trying to deal with her decision.

The alpine skier would prefer to be in Sochi competing, but her second reconstructive surgery in a year has her sidelined. Her reporting will be as close as she gets to the action and it’s definitely not close enough for the star.

The next time Lindsey Vonn might be on the snow looks like in October or later. After allowing her body to heal and then physical therapy, the star of the slopes plans to take it easy before her next competition in 2015.

While fans are disappointed they won’t be seeing the star in Sochi, it’s great to hear her thoughts on the skiing in the Olympics. The commentary for the fans needs to come from someone who has been in the position of the athlete as it helps viewers understand what exactly needs to be achieved in the moment.

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